The following is a list of noteworthy open-source projects that I have developped. Their source code can usually be found on github, as well as less noteworthy projects. If a blog post is associated with one of these projects, it will also be linked.


KISS is a simple cross-platform server selector for Sony's SAPARI, or more generally for the Community Place Browser. It is written in python and uses PyQt5 for the GUI.

It currently supports WLS and standard Community Place servers. It also comes shipped with a user-friendly server browser as well as a simple to use custom list in order to fully allow the player to have full control over their experience.


KBF is a BrainFuck superscript made to help with some of the rather tedious tasks of brainfuck. It implements a number of features such as macros and loops while still keeping the simplistic and esoteric nature of brainfuck.

The compiler/interpreter is built in python, but the compiled code can run on any brainfuck interpreter.


AID is a simplistic mod loader for the mini-game Survive The Internet of The Jackbox Party Pack 4. It is written in javascript and uses node.js to run.

It allows the user to create and edit custom prompts for the game, which are visible both on the host's game and on the players' devices. It also implements a custom wrapper format and conversion to and from said format, which makes writing mods easy even without technical knowledge of the game's structure.


ip_as_float is a joke program written in Rust. It allows the user to encode an IPv4 address into a single floating point number. The program is garbage and has significant issues concerning the floating point NaN, which means that a number of values will always display as NaN.

However, it made my friends laugh, so it's nice :) (NSFW) is a simple bash script that creates a slideshow of pornographic material scrapped from reddit. It is for all intents and purposes simply a reddit scrapper with a basic slideshow function that uses hentai as an excuse for existing, as I tend to use its code for making less NSFW scripts.

Hentai.js (NSFW)

hentai.js is the not-awaited sequel that nobody wanted to It is a cross-platform electron application that wraps the (NSFW) API. It's a very very basic application that I mainly developped as an excuse to familiarise myself with electron and web technologies.