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My name is Kodi or Kody, I am a computer science student and this is my personal website.

I am transgender and use she/her pronouns.

This is both sort of a simple technical blog and a repository for my projects, like a portfolio of sorts.

About Me

I am a computer science student. My first experience with programming was as a child, but I only started properly creating my own projects in 2018.

I am currently unemployed but not looking for a job, as I am focusing on my personal projects and on school.

This website

On this website, I will be posting about various nifty things I have learned and to train myself to write better and teach others.

Each project that I am somewhat proud of will have at least a short writeup on this website. If you are interested in me writing about something, feel free to contact me.

A note on NSFW

I consider myself a rather open-minded person, this also means that I tend to very openly talk about NSFW topics or develop software either for or about these NSFW topics. As this is a personal website, with no professional or business interests, I will not be censoring myself on this website.

NSFW posts will be tagged and clearly marked as such in the title, and I am currently looking into solutions to non-intrusively hide this content for users who do not want to see it.

Currently, do assume that some content on this website may be NSFW. If you are uncomfortable with that, I may not be the best person for you.


My contact information is available in the footer of every page. I will most quickly respond on my discord, though I prefer business inquiries to be sent to my email.

My Tumblr is for being silly, I do not recommend attempting to reach me there.